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Step 1 – Select the button below to complete the online version of the Getaway Application.

Step 2 – After submitting your application, you will be contacted by a PRR staff member for a phone interview.

Step 3 – If approved, a PRR staff member will contact you to make detailed arrangements.

Step 4Before your date of departure, select the button below to review and electronically sign the online version of the Rules and Guidelines for Guests Form.


Pastors R&R is a ministry of The Pastors Staff, a 501(c)(3) private foundation. The main objective of Pastors R&R is to provide the use of retreat properties, free of charge (a minimal cleaning fee may apply), to full-time pastors / ministry leaders and their immediate family members, who cannot otherwise afford to get away. Pastors and ministry leaders often work long hours…day and night, week-after-week and year-after-year…with little time for rest or recreation with their spouses and/or children. Many of these ministers simply do not have the financial means to take their families on a much-needed retreat, away from their place of work, for a time of true relaxation and reconnection. That’s where we come in…

Through the Pastors R&R (PRR) program, a pastor or ministry leader and his immediate family (upon approval of their application) may enjoy a rejuvenating getaway at one of several beautiful retreat properties for up to two consecutive weeks every 12 months.

If you are interested in applying for a getaway, simply complete our online application or download the printable form.  The steps of the process are outlined on the left sidebar.  Rules and guidelines set by Pastors R&R and the donors help to ensure a rewarding experience for all.  Should your request for a getaway be approved, you will need to complete the Rules and Guidelines for Guests form before your departure (also on the left sidebar).

We, at Pastors R&R, also seek to offer encouragement, support and helpful resources to all who cross our path. Our desire is that no minister will feel defeated, burned-out or alone as he or she seeks to fulfill the calling God has placed on his or her life.

As pastors and ministry leaders are renewed physically, spiritually, and relationally, their families, their ministry efforts, and those they minister to are also greatly blessed and strengthened!

In order to minister effectively and keep improving what we do, we ask that each family complete a Post-Retreat Survey (right sidebar) within two weeks of the conclusion of their stay.  We also ask each family to consider providing several images and/or a testimonial about their experience.  An online or downloadable Consent Form can be found on the right sidebar to authorize us to use your stories and images in our promotional material.  The online version also allows you to attach and upload those images and files.


It is required that all couples complete at least one course of their choosing from Our Daily Bread Christian University (ODBCU) within a 30-day period following their family’s retreat. The button below will take you to the ODBCU website. Once there, follow these steps to complete your course: 1) Choose the option to subscribe to one month. Your cost will only be $9.95. 2) While registering, be sure to choose the Organization named “Pastors R&R” from the drop-down provided. 3) Following your registration, you can choose from one of our three course options—Ultimate Leadership I, Ultimate Leadership II, Ministering to People in Pain.

After you have completed the course, and in order to help us better serve pastors and ministry leaders in the future, please take a few moments and complete our online feedback survey by selecting the button below.

Please condsider completing the following online consent form so we can use your pictures, videos, and stories in our promotional material.


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